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Be Transformed (Telugu Translation): Discovering Biblical Solutions to Life's Problems
This book is good, founding solutions in the Holy Bible for our problems in daily life.
The Be Transformed materials are designed to address the root causes of the behavioral, relational, emotional and spiritual problems we experience. Be Transformed teaches the practical application of Biblical principles developed by Scope Ministries International.

Good News India (Telugu): A Fresh Perspective on the Bible, Christianity, Church and Life
A book which helps one understand how the Bible, church, Christianity, God and Jesus all fit together.

History of the Telugu Christians: A Bibliography
This annotated bibliography lists more than 700 published and unpublished textual sources related to the history of Telugu Christians from South India.

Beautiful Books
This is part of the Laymenís Evangelical Fellowship. Please put Telugu in the search engine.

Evangelical Literature Service (ELS) - India

Christ in the 66 Books of the Bible
They are selling a variety of Christian books on different subjects in many languages.

But, they have a branch in India, and offering many books. Please put Telugu in the search engine.

Lifeway India

SGM Lifewords
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SGM Lifewords India

Share Jesus without Fear book and download
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The Gospel Coalition

Seeing & Savoring Jesus Christ
They have books translated into Telugu. Please put Telugu in the search engine.

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