Apps (Christian) in Telugu

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Bible Phone

This is a very good website to download the Telugu Bible in pdf in many India languages.

Bible Songs in Telugu

by UDNApps

Some popular Telugu Bible songs are digitally available and free to download. It is very useful.

Christian Music (CM) Portal

This is a very good website to download Telugu Christian Audio messages and ring tones.

Daily Bible Verses in Telugu

by UDNApps

The Daily Bible Verse app can be downloaded instantly to receive the Telugu Bible verses every day on your mobile phone for free. It is very useful.

Simple Bible - Telugu (BBE)


by Boanuge

The Telugu Simple Bible is available for free download instantly. It is very useful.

Telugu Bible App

Google Play Store

This is an app to download on your mobile phone so that you may read the Telugu Bible on your mobile phone.

Telugu Bible App

Microsoft Store

This is the Telugu Bible App for Windows smart or mobile phone. It is very useful.

Telugu Christian Books

There are a few popular Telugu Christian books to download on your mobile phone that are on this website.

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